smart grid s

Smart Grid technology is introduced in Indonesia as an effort to reduce dependency on fossil fuel, especially in remote areas such as the island of Sumba. Efforts to increase the capacity of renewable energy generation plants are continually promoted, but special treatment is required to overcome the national condition depend on characteristics of renewable energy.

The sufficient of renewable energy sources, increasing fuel costs, and lessening energy reserves make Indonesia is an ideal place for distributed power plant and micro-grid power generation from renewable energy sources.

Smart grid (by using the Information and Control Technology) will integrate and optimize the utilization of New and Renewable Energy generator in existing power network. 


PLTP kamojang s

The geothermal power plant (GPP) is the most common type of energy generation technologyin Indonesia.

The development of GPP by employing condensing turbine technology is focused on small-scale GPP with the main objective to acquire and improvethe national capacities in engineering and manufacturing fields.


Baron Beach, Yogyakarta has the potential of New and Renewable Energy resources such as ocean waves, sun, wind and biomass. With the potential of tourism resources and attractions, the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) makes the area as a model of New and Renewable development and educational tourism facilities called "Baron Techno Park".

Baron Techno Park was built to support the National Energy Policy to get the utilization of 23% of New and Renewable Energy for electricity by 2025. The Energy Conversion Technology Centre (B2TKE - BPPT) has taken a step early in dissemination and training on the utilization of New and Renewable Energy technology at Baron Techno Park. By the end of 2016, more than 4,000 visitors have visited to Baron Techno Park.


This area is designed as a dynamic and growing R & D Centre, Training and Promotion/Dissemination of Renewable Energy Utilization Technology.

  • Baron Techno Park as an EDUCATION TOURISM AREA
  • Baron Techno Park as a TRIGGER DEVELOPMENT AREA
  • Baron Techno Park developed and functioned as a NEW & RENEWABLE ENERGY INSTITUTE to provide Technology Transfer, Recommendation, Consultancy, DED Design Review and Approval, Commissioning Test, Inspection & Certification, Natural Laboratory for Performance Test of NEW & RENEWABLE ENERGY electricity system and Technology Incubator.

The power plant developed at Baron Technopark is a PLTH (hybrid power plant) that generate electricity from solar energy, wind, and diesel engines.