We are able to carry out service according to service guideline that has been determined, if not keep this promise then we are willing to accept sanctions according to rules and regulations that apply. 



Smile and Greetings

Management and all B2TKE staff are committed to:
  1. Increase professionalism of personnel and ensure the quality of testing
  2. Always consistently apply Quality Management System according to SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008
  3. Always communicative and responsive by prioritizing customer satisfaction through quality and timely service
  4. Performing continuous improvement in accordance with laboratory quality management system standard based on SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008 and continuously improve the effectiveness of management system
B2TKE has several activities in the form of application and technology services in accordance with its core competencies.
Type of Services
  Photovoltaic System Component Testing
1   Solar Module 3 units / type 1 month
2   Battery 4 units / type 3 months
3   DC Light 6 units / type 2 months
4   BCR (Battery Charge Regulator) 4 units / type 1 month
5   Inverter 3 units / type 2 months
6   Solar Home System Off Grid 3 units / type 3 months
 Solar Water Heater testing 2 units / type 1 month
  Performance Testing
1   CFL Lamp 20 units / type 1 month
2   LED Lamp 20 units / type 1 bulan
3   Street Light (LED) 6 units / type 1 bulan
4   Energy Saver 3 units  / type 1 bulan
Emission Test (Gas and Particulate) According to the proposal based on TOR
           Testing Fee
No Consulting Information
1   Electrical Audit

  Cost and Duration of Work depends on the proposal based on TOR

2   Energy Audit
3   Feasibility Study