Photovoltaic Components and Systems Testing Laboratory

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LPKSF (Laboratorium Pengujian Komponen Sistem Fotovoltaik - Photovoltaic Components and Systems Testing Laboratory) is one of the test laboratories in B2TKE (SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008 LP-096-IDN certified).
The purpose of measuring and testing components is to check the conformity of the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer, as well as to provide a technical overview of the system performance.
The measurement and testing of components are carried out according to the procedures of BSN (The Indonesian Standardization Body).
Scope of Testing is adapted to the conformity standard of SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008
  1. Photovoltaic Module Testing
  2. Solar Power System Testing
  3. DC Fluorescent Lamp Testing
  4. BCR (Battery Charge Regulator) Testing
  5. Inverter Testing
  6. Off-grid System Testing
Photovoltaic Module Testing
Testing of photovoltaic module in the form of characteristic curve I-V is carried out according to the procedure in SNI 04-3850.2-1995 point 6.
  • Photovoltaic Module Testing uses SPI-Sun Simulator SLP 4600. It is a photovoltaic module test kit that features a lighting source according to the solar spectrum. This tool complies with the standard test condition used to measure photovoltaic modules (1000w/m2). This Spire Simulator can test both for crystal film modules and thin-film type modules.
  • Battery measurements are made in accordance with the procedures listed in SNI 04-6392-2000 item 8 (nominal battery capacity) and item 9 (battery cycle capability).
  • Testing and recording of data is logged using BITRODE LCN 25-12, LCN 50-12, LCN 100-12. 
Battery Testing
Measurement of batteries according to the procedures listed on SNI 04-6329-2000 item 8 (nominal battery capacity) and item 9 (battery cycle capability).
Testing and recording of data is logged using BITRODE LCN 25-12, LCN 50-12, LCN 100-12.
Lamp Testing
Fluorescent Lamp is tested according to SNI 04-6393-2000 procedure 7.9 (the ability of the ignition cycle and 7.10 (electrical performance and efficacy).
LED testing based on internal procedures (LPKSF-B2TE 11.03.2010) with description of test procedure as follows:
  1. Pre-test
  2. Function test
  3. Detail test
Inverter Testing
Inverter was tested according to Internal procedure PCTL-B2TE (electricity performance test) and IEC 61683 standard (Photovoltaic Systems, Power Conditioners, Procedure for Measuring Efficiency)
BCR (Battery Charge Regulator) Testing
BCR testing according to SNI 04-6391-2000 procedure
  1. Item 8.2 : Fuction
  2. Item 8.3.1 : Powerless consumption
  3. Item 8.3.2 : Connection and disconnection
  4. Item 8.3.4 : Voltage drop and efficiency
  5. Item 8.3.6 : Resistance of BCR at maximum capacity
  6. Item 8.3.7 : Overload protection
  7. Item 8.3.8 : Reverse polarity protection
  8. Item 8.3.12 : Threshold voltage setting
Off-grid System Testing
Solar Power System using indoor and outdoor test method.
  1. Pre-test - function test, including component function test (PV module, BCR, battery and DC lamp) .The system performance test is performed in real conditions in the field.
The solar power system characteristics and performance testing refers to the procedures in the national procedure / standard SNI IEC 62124: 2016 Standalone Photovoltaics System - Design Verification.